Speaking with confidence.

In December 2014 Kirsten van den Akker was awarded a national Best Speaker Award in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, after enrolling in an in-depth training course on presentation techniques. She happily discovered how simple and effective these acquired skills brought her to a new level of professionalism and created new doors of opportunity.

Soon after, Kirsten was asked to give a similar training on professional presentation methods to students at Science Po University in Grenoble, France. The enthusiastic feedback she received after the two-day workshop made her decide to pursue this newly discovered passion and share these techniques with others to help boost their confidence when it comes to speaking in front of people. Opportunities to further develop Impact Speaking presented itself as other institutions such as the VU University Amsterdam started to see the value of such a program. Aside from a public speaking coach, Kirsten is also a certified yoga instructor and founder of Impact Yoga. Her technical knowledge about the body, stress, and the breath adds a unique and valuable angle to her public speaking training sessions. Based in Amsterdam, Kirsten has specialized in coaching students and young professionals to develop their public speaking skills in both personal and corporate settings. 

Kirsten's knowledge of presentation skills is conveyed with passion, simplicity, and dedication. Whether it is a speech, presentation, job interview, pitch or negotiation: know that there are tools available on which you can always rely when you have to shine. 







Kvk-number: 68639171