Speaking with confidence.
Personal Coaching

Impact Speaking also offers customized coaching services for speaking in public in personal one-on-one sessions. Perhaps you have a big presentation coming up and you would like to know how to best prepare yourself. Perhaps you have trouble controlling your nerves during a speech and would like some advice on how to deal with them. Or perhaps you are starting your own company and would benefit from personal presentation trainings to sell your elevator pitch or deal with networking events. 


Discover your personal presentation style when speaking in front of a group, your strengths in presentation skills, and in which areas you can improve. What do YOU need to grow and jump to that level of professionalism? 

 Together we will discuss:

- What obstacles you face during presentations;

- How to overcome these obstacles through basic public speaking tools;

- How we can enhance your presentation skills in other areas.


Based on your specific requirements Impact Speaking will design a personalized public speaking program that best fits your needs.


Please feel free to contact me through for any further information.

Kvk-number: 68639171