Speaking with confidence.
Complete Program

Learn how to A.C.E. your next presentation!

Authenticity - Show your audience who you are. 

Credibility - Know. Your. Stuff.

Energetic - Show your passion and enthusiasm.


Go for the full program and acquire knowledge and skills on all three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced techniques of public speaking. This advanced public speaking course incorporates a complete overview of the essential tools when it comes to giving a speech or a presentation. This program is split into three half-day sessions and will teach you:

- How to prepare, how to present, how to progress;

- Mastering verbal and non-verbal skills;

- Methods to connect with your audience to effectively deliver your message. 


In addition to the skills discussed in the basic and intermediate programs, this advanced public speaking training will pay extra attention to:

- Writing and structuring a speech professionally;

- Spicing up your speech through rhetorics;

- Effective use of framing (also particularly useful during debates or negotiations).



Don't just give a speech, create impact. 

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