Speaking with confidence.

Now that you have mastered the skills of public speaking it is time to add some finishing touches... Find your true colours and add even more impact to your presentation skills!

First impressions are crucial when speaking in front of an audience. Within the first few minutes of your speech or presentation you need to WOW your audience, not only with your speech but also with your presence. Capture their attention as soon as you walk into the room wearing colours that reflect you at your best. What effect can different colours have on your appearance? How can colours attribute to your credibility? Why do certain colours emphasize your spark while others wash you out? 

Presentation+ is a unique service provided by Impact Speaking together with colour consultant Marisca Wilbrink. In addition to any of the public speaking programs offered by Impact Speaking, clients have the opportunity to receive a personalized colour consult to add extra impact to their overall presentation and their appearance as a public speaker. 

This extensive colour analysis is based on your skin tone, eye- and hair colour. Not only will you receive professional advice in what to wear in a business setting, but you will also understand what colour pallet makes you shine in your personal life as well. For more information please also visit true-living-colours.nl


Impact guaranteed!


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